Micah Bistro serves up quality Thai food. As a child, the owner watched his parents prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch and spent much of his time researching the art of street food.

In the year 2000, he decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and took a culinary journey to Canada. This journey led him to Niagara “the beautiful food and wine region” where he graduated in the culinary program from Niagara College. In 2007, the wife and husband team opened Micah Bistro. They believe in preparing fresh, nutritious meals using a combination of quality, fresh, local/imports, and whole foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The menu is designed to meet any dietary restriction and food allergy to provide meals that will suit the Niagara lifestyle. The goal is to offer healthier choices of Thai cuisine and to make Niagara aware that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour or variety.

Enjoy their outdoor patio in the summertime.