What could be more fun than being locked in a strange room, with only a few clues as to how to escape to safety?

And you can’t use a key to unlock the door, only your brain to decipher the clue. Hopefully, you’ve brought a few more brains with you, and between you and your friends you’ll figure it all out.

Here’s a helpful tip: Bring your smart friends and you’ll do just fine.

Then it’s on to the next mysterious, locked room…

That’s the challenge of Captive Escape Rooms in Niagara Falls, situated on historic Lundy’s Lane, address No. 6933.

It’s also well placed so after you’ve found your way out of your last room, you can unwind with a drink and a little food at one of the many restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood.

Enjoy the thrills. Bask in the frights. Luxuriate in the sheer frustration of being stumped by a well-written clue until one of you has that Aha! moment and you can all breathe freely again and slip out of the room.

And there are at least five rooms to baffle you.

How about Dracula’s Libary, set in 1862 New Orleans. You’ve been hunting the infamous vampire for a long time, now you have him tracked down. Can you get out before he gets you?

Or the room just called Charlotte, where a father allegedly, mysteriously murdered his two young daughters. Or did he?
And can you figure out the mystery and get out of the room before he gets you too? Play along with us here.

Or try the Cabinet of Curiosities, The Surgeon or 13 Doors.

It’s fun to be scared, at least when you’re part of a group. So this is the kind of place that’s good for a family outing, a night out with some friends or even one of those mushy, corporate bonding types of get-togethers companies seem to like. Nothing unites like common fear.

It’s a cool neighbourhood to visit, too.

Like we mentioned, there are lots of affordable, comfortable restaurants, eateries and bars around and parking isn’t a problem.
A five-minute drive away further up Lundy’s Lane is the Canada One Factory Outlets, a great place to do a little shopping with a ton of stores to choose from.

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