After Las Vegas, the best-known wedding destination in the world may well be Niagara Falls.

Heck, for years it has been informally known as The Honeymoon City.

It’s had that nickname for so long that Laurel and Hardy even made a short film based on the two of them driving to Niagara Falls with their sweethearts for a double wedding.

There are plenty of churches here that will do the honours, or … you could live a little and get married at the Little Wedding Chapel on Lundy’s Lane.

After that, take a pick from among the dozens of hotels in town for your honeymoon. There’s even a top-notch private campground just up the road if that’s what you want.

The Little Wedding Chapel, at 7701 Lundy’s Lane, actually has three chapels to choose from. Two are off-site, at the Peninsula Inn on Montrose Road and the Battlefield Wedding Chapel, which opened in 2016.

Now this is cool: You can get married and then go Vegas-style straight to one of the casinos. Or go bowling at the alley up the street, or hit an indoor waterpark.

Anyone can get married in a church. It takes a rebel to take the path less traveled.

A team of professionals has been operating the Little Wedding Chapel since 1994 and have married couples from all over the world and of nearly every faith you can name.

They have done modern ceremonies, traditional, same-sex, partnership in life.

You want to choose a theme for your wedding? Go for it. Anything goes.

Catering, wedding albums, they have the staff to help you arrange it all. They’ll even help you with your vows.

They don’t sell wedding licenses, though, but the clerk’s department at Niagara Falls city hall downtown can quickly help you with that.

It’s your wedding – go wild! Rent a convertible and cruise historic Lundy’s Lane, or take the whole wedding party to the wave park or bowling.

Remember, this is Niagara Falls. We don’t do things the boring, old way here. What happens in Niagara Falls, stays in Niagara Falls.

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