Here’s a top 10 to-do list for Valentine’s Day on historic Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, in no particular order.

And hey – you’re welcome.  We’ll leave the rest to you and your partner.


Nothing makes the perfect date more perfect than a wonderful meal. Good thing you’re on Lundy’s Lane, where there is a veritable United Nations of restaurants offering menus that cover every part of the world.

Here’s just a small sampling of the fare you can choose from.

Feeling European? How about Doc Magilligan’s Restaurant and Irish Pub? Or Carpaccio’s Italian Ristorante and Wine Bar. Or for a taste of old England, there is Lakeport Fish and Chips.

Asian? There is Pho Ying, Wind Restaurant or Magnolia Chinese Cuisine? Or for something from the Caribbean, try Kool Katt’s Jamaican Cuisine.

It’s a big world; we’ve got much more from around the globe, and plenty of more familiar North American menus, too. Trust us, eating well will not be a problem when you come here.


There are plenty of ways to have a big day on Lundy’s Lane. Sooner or later, though, it’s lights out … and we’ve got you covered there, too.

There are plenty of motel and hotel rooms to choose from here, and in Niagara Falls we’re the pros when it comes to hospitality.

Again, just a small sampling: the Americana Waterpark Resort is one of the top locations in the entire city and, as the name says, it comes with its own waterpark.

Another very popular spot to stay here is the Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel. Or for a more Niagara Falls kind of stay, how about the Space Motel? Tourists love it there and have been coming back for years.


You like to shop? You’ve come to the right place. Start with the Canada One Outlet Mall – several dozen brand-name stores, perfectly situated to visit one after another after another.

But nothing says love quite like chocolate, so check out Rocky Mountain Chocolate on Lundy’s Lane. Talk about a store built just for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t stop, don’t stop: There is the Boutique Fashions to check out, and how about a day at the spa? We’ve got nearly a dozen of them on Lundy’s Lane. And they’re all really good!


You want a little more than just dining. What to do?

Take in an Oh Canada Eh! dinner theatre show, for some fine Canadian comedy and singing with your meal. And Niagara is wine country – yes, we have a winery on Lundy’s Lane.

Check out the beautiful grounds of Lundy Manor for meals, wine tastings and a rich variety of wines to choose from.


It’s not fine dining – just a nice, casual lunch or supper – but how much more Niagara ‘Fallsy’ can you get than the Flying Saucer Restaurant?

Chocolate and wine might say love, but so does laughter. Challenge yourselves at the escape rooms at Captive Rooms, also on Lundy’s Lane.


A quiet walk can be one of the most romantic things a couple can do. OK, now stay with us here … why not check out the Lundy’s Lane Cemetery?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. The beautiful tree-lined grounds are green, clean and serene. Some of the graves go back 200 years to the earliest settlers who arrived in Niagara Falls.

Plus, a walk is a great way to work up an appetite for all these other activities we’ve been talking about.


All that, and we have an art gallery on Lundy’s Lane, too. The Niagara Fine Art Gallery makes for a very pleasant stop during your day, to browse or buy.

And some relaxed art viewing, holding hands, is also a wonderful mood-setter if you catch our drift.

We could go on and on, there is so much going on here on Lundy’s Lane. And it’s Valentine’s Day – use your imagination.

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